Maps & Satellite Images

The following maps show areas in which genocides have occurred, or are claimed to have occurred. Some have specific information about the location of sites of violence.

The Genocide Studies Program has used satellite imaging to show the effects of violent campaigns against civilians in Guatemala, Rwanda, and Sudan.

An Introduction to Remote Sensing & GIS

Remote sensing is the measurement of object properties on Earth’s surface using data acquired from aircraft and satellites. It attempts to measure something at a distance, rather than in situ, and, for this research’s purposes, displays those measurements over a two-dimensional spatial grid, i.e. images. Read more.

“Political history is made up of three parts. The first consists of the industrious study and collation of documents; the second is topographical and includes the survey of cities, places, rivers, harbours, and in general the special features of land and sea and the distances of one place from another; while the third is concerned with political activity”.

- Polybius, The Rise of the Roman Empire, Book XII, 25e.

Cambodian Genocide
Digital Elevation Map of Cambodia
DK Provinces, Zones, Regions and Districts
1975 to 1977
DK Zones (English)
GIS & Remote Sensing
1977 to 1979
Provincial Killing Fields Maps: Genocide Sites
GIS & Remote Sensing
1975 to 1979
Provincial Killing Fields: Directory for Province Links
GIS & Remote Sensing
1975 to 1979
Satellite Images of Cambodia, 1973-1992
GIS & Remote Sensing
1973 to 1992
Satellite Maps with mass grave and prison sites from 1975-1979
GIS & Remote Sensing
1972 to 1990
Colonial Genocides
Australian Colonies, 19th Century
1800 to 1900
California Indian Tribal Groups
1846 to 1873
German Southwest Africa
1492 to 1514
Mystic, Connecticut
1637 to 1638
Puerto Rico
1509 to 1552
East Timor
Destruction in Dili
East Timor's Districts & Resistance Sectors, 1975-99
1975 to 1999
Satellite Images of East Timor, 1972-2000
1972 to 2000
Change in Vegetation: Nebaj & Acul, 1979-2000
1979 to 2000
Deforestation of the Ixil Triangle
1979 to 1986
Satellite Images of Guatemala Before and After the 1981-83 Genocide
1981 to 1983
Auschwitz from the Air, 1944
Satellite Mosaic of Papua, 1990
Rwandan Genocide
Indications of Genocide in the Bisesero Hills
1987 to 1995
Satellite Maps of Rwanda Before and After the 1994 Genocide
Destroyed Village in Darfur
Immediate Decreases in Vegetation Accompanying the Genocide in Darfur, 2003-2005
2003 to 2005
Long-term Increases in Vegetation Accompanying the Genocide in Darfur, 2003-2007
2003 to 2007
Other Darfur Satellite Imagery
Sudan During & After the Genocide
1990 to 2000
Tracking the Genocide in Darfur: Population Displacement as Recorded by Remote Sensing
1998 to 2007
Yugoslavia (Former)
Bosnia Before & During the Genocide
1990 to 1994