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The Cambodian Genocide Program has collected information on members of Khmer Rouge political and military organizations, and gathered this data together into a biographic database. Also included is data on some victims of the Khmer Rouge, many of whom were not members of any Khmer Rouge organization. We have entered information on over 19,000 persons into the Biographic Database (CBIO) as of December 2001. The largest single category includes those Khmer Rouge who wrote “confessions” (usually under torture) in Tuol Sleng Prison.

We gratefully acknowledge the permission of the Cornell University Library’s Southeast Asia Collection to include information from Cornell’s catalogue of Tuol Sleng confessions. Other sources drawn upon for CBIO include a Tuol Sleng list of prisoners arrested in 1976 (including many not known to have written confessions), translated transcripts of a series of 500 interviews with Cambodians by Ben Kiernan since 1978, and various of the secondary sources listed in the “sources” field and documentation section of CBIO. We have attempted to indicate the source for all information included. There may be more than one record on a number of individuals.

We have attempted to include information on all members of the Khmer Rouge organization who held positions of authority from the district (srok) level upwards, including regional (damban), zone (phumipeak) and center (mocchim) officials, and all officers of the Khmer Rouge armed forces from company (kong anousena thom) level and above. The CGP has information regarding the personal histories of many more Khmer Rouge personnel and victims in our archives.