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Gallery of S-21 Prisoner Photographs

The Cambodian Genocide Program has obtained and scanned more than 10,000 photographic images pertaining to various aspects of gross human rights violations under the Khmer Rouge regime. In this preliminary release of data from our existing archive, we focus on the victims of the Tuol Sleng Prison in Phnom Penh, the notorious “S-21” extermination center.

More than 5,000 photographs were taken of prisoners being processed into the facility for interrogation and execution. For the vast majority of these photographs, the identity of the victim is unknown. The photographs are displayed in this section of the Cambodian Genocide Database, along with facilities for CGDB users to suggest names and other biographical data for unknown victims they may recognize. We encourage users to assist in identifying these victims, but we caution that information should be submitted to the CGP only in cases where identification is reasonably certain. The CGP will then attempt to correlate the suggested names and/or additional biographic details with other information in our possession, to obtain a positive identification of the victim. Informants may choose to remain anonymous if they wish.

In future releases of information in the Photographic Database, the CGP will add many other images relating to massive violations of human rights in Cambodia, including photographs of additional victims, Khmer Rouge personnel, genocide sites such as “killing fields” and prisons, forced labor work brigades, damage to religious buildings and artifacts, and more.