Among the contexts not covered elsewhere are understudied genocides (e.g. Bangladesh), near-genocides (e.g., Côte d’Ivoire), contested genocides (e.g.,  Argentina), and mass violence against civilians within the context of other conflicts (e.g., Iraq).

Please note that the selection of cases highlighted on the Genocide Studies Program’s web site is not meant to serve as an exhaustive or “official” list of genocides.  Rather, the topics addressed reflect the interests, linguistic capabilities, and research focuses of GSP personnel, which is necessarily limited.  Moreover, it is not necessarily the task of the scholar to make a determination regarding whether or not a given situation must meet a particular set of criteria to qualify as genocide (although some work is devoted to this approach); nor is it necessary for scholars of genocide to determine that a case qualifies as a genocide before engaging in research on it. In short, the cases covered here may implicate issues related to genocide without necessarily reaching the conclusion that genocide did or did not occur in a given case.