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The Cambodian Genocide Program is attempting to create an indexed catalogue of all known primary and secondary documentary resources pertaining to gross violations of human rights during the Khmer Rouge regime. At present the Bibliographic Database (CBIB) contains over 3,000 records. These citations include a sample of the primary documents now known to have survived the years since the Khmer Rouge fell from power as well as the bulk of the secondary literature on the Khmer Rouge regime. Included are a full catalogue of all existing records of the Khmer Rouge prison at Krang Ta Chan in Takeo Province, a catalogue of 800 records of documents from the Khmer Rouge Central Security service known as “Santebal” (Special Branch), and summaries of newspaper articles on the Khmer Rouge in the Bangkok Post from 1975 to 1979.

We have scanned many of the original documents recorded in this database and they are now viewable by clicking next to the ‘Images’ field in the document’s catalogue record.

Many of the English-language materials listed in the Bibliographic Database are available in various libraries around the world. To access these holdings please check your local catalogs

The CGP archives contain many thousands of pages of additional documents which have not yet been catalogued or abstracted. These include the rest of the archives of the Santebal, over 200,000 pages in all. The CGP will continue working to add further citations to the database.