The following maps show areas in which genocides have occurred, or are claimed to have occurred. Some have specific information about the location of sites of violence.

The Genocide Studies Program has used satellite imaging to show the effects of violent campaigns against civilians in Guatemala, Rwanda, and Sudan.

An Introduction to Remote Sensing & GIS

Remote sensing is the measurement of object properties on Earth’s surface using data acquired from aircraft and satellites. It attempts to measure something at a distance, rather than in situ, and, for this research’s purposes, displays those measurements over a two-dimensional spatial grid, i.e. images. Read more.

“Political history is made up of three parts. The first consists of the industrious study and collation of documents; the second is topographical and includes the survey of cities, places, rivers, harbours, and in general the special features of land and sea and the distances of one place from another; while the third is concerned with political activity”.

- Polybius, The Rise of the Roman Empire, Book XII, 25e.