Spring 2003 Genocide Seminar Series


Mass Grave Sites in Cambodia, 1975-1979

Mass Grave Sites in Cambodia, 1975-1979


Genocide Today: Fieldwork and Analysis

January 23

Octovianus Mote, Visiting Fellow, Genocide Studies Program
Documenting Indonesian Rule in Papua, 1962-2002

January 30

Laura Saldivia, University of Palermo School of Law, Argentina
Different Approaches to Transitional Justice: What doesustice Mean after Genocide?

February 6

Payam Akhavan, Genocide Studies Program,
The Emerging International Criminal Justice System: Mediating Law and Politics in the Age of Accountability

February 13

Benjamin Madley, History Department, Yale University
Patterns of Colonial Genocides, 1800-1910

February 27

Professor Jeffrey Alexander, Department of Sociology, Yale University
The“Holocaust” from War Crime to Trauma Drama

April 3

Professor Robert Sternberg, Department of Psychology, Yale University
The Psychology of Hate

April 10

Daniel Rothenberg, Agrarian Studies, Yale University
Making Sense of Genocide: The Multiple Meanings of “The Ultimate Crime”

April 16 
(Wed. noon, 203 Luce Hall)

Prof. John G. Taylor, South Bank University, London
Documenting Indonesian Rule in East Timor, 1975-1999
(sponsored by the Council on Southeast Asia Studies at YCIAS)