Spring 2002 Genocide Seminar Series


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Life After Genocide


Unless otherwise noted, lectures take place in conference room, 77 Prospect Street, corner of Trumbull Street, New Haven, Connecticut, Thursdays from 2:30-4.20 p.m.

January 17

Professor Margaret Anderson, University of California-Berkeley
The Armenian Genocide: A German Story

January 24

Professor Michael Mahoney, History Department, Yale University
Genocide and the Creation of the Zulu Kingdom in 
19th Century South Africa

February 7

Jonathan Padwe, Environmental Studies, Yale University
Interpretations of Genocide in Stroessner’s Paraguay: 
Ache Hunter-G
atherers Yesterday and Today

February 14

Miranda Sissons, Human Rights Watch
Researching East Timor under Indonesian Rule

February 28

Samantha Power, Harvard University
American Bystanders to Genocide: How the United States 
Turned Awa
y from the Worse Massacres of the Twentieth Century

March 7

Beth Lilach, Clark University, Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
In the Aftermath of the Holocaust: Implications of Gender and Age in Displaced Persons Camps in the American Zone of Occupied Germany, 1945-1957

March 28

Susan E. Cook, Brown University
The Politics of Preservation: Genocide Memorials in Cambodica and Rwanda

April 4
(1:30 PM)

Peter Balakian, author, Black Dog of Fate
The Transmission of Trauma Across Generations: Writing A Memoir About Growing up in the Suburbs and the Armenian Genocide
April 11

Dori Laub, Genocide Studies Program
Probing the Limits of Testimony: Recovering the Memory of Holocaust Survivors Hospitalized for Life in Israel

The Yale Center for International and Area Studies

A Genocide Studies Program Seminar Series funded by the Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Fund