Spring 2001 Genocide Studies Program (GSP/Sawyer)

East Timor Leaders, 1974

Resistance to Genocide

Room 203, Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut
Unless otherwise noted, meetings take place Thursdays from 2:30 - 4:20 p.m.

January 22
(5:30pm, Auditorium)

Slavery and Genocide Forum, co-sponsored by the Gilder Lehrman Center
for the Study of Slavery, Resistance and Abolition
Ben Kiernan, Genocide Studies Program, Australian Aborigines and Native  Americans
Seymour Drescher, University of Pittsburgh, The Holocaust and the Slave Trade
Kevin McBride, Mashantucket Pequot Museum, Genocide and Enslavement of the Pequot Indians
Crystal Feimster, Yale University, Lynching in the US South after Reconstruction

January 25

Abbas Amanat, History Department, Yale University
The Baha’i Persecution in Iran: A Historical Overview

February 1

Philip Verwimp, Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium 
The Toll and the Resistance in Rwanda: New Evidence from Kibuye

February 8

Ivo Banac, History Department, Yale University
Yugoslav Partisan Resistance to the Axis

February 22

Kelvin Rowley, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
The Khmer Rouge Zones after the Genocide: an Eyewitness Report
Eileen Blumenthal, Rutgers University
Cultural Resistance to Genocide: The Cambodian Royal Ballet Corps
(Co-sponsored by the Cambodian Genocide Program and the Council on Southeast Asia Studies)

March 1

Nicolas Werth, Institut d’Histoire du Temps Present, CNRS, Paris
Social and Political Resistance in Stalin’s Russia
Dmitry Mosyakov, Oriental Institute, Moscow
The Khmer Rouge and Vietnam: New Documents from the Soviet Archives

March 22 

His Excellency Xanana Gusmao
President, National Committee of Timorese Resistance (CNRT), Dili, East Timor
The Resistance in East Timor, 1975 -1999
(Co-sponsored by the Yale Divinity School and the Council on Southeast Asia Studies)

March 29

Bruce Shapiro, Contributing Editor, The Nation
Journalism and Mass Atrocity

April 5

Asoka Bandarage, Women’s Studies Program, Mt. Holyoake College
Resisting Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka

April 12

Soner Cagaptay, History, Yale University
Kurds and Armenians in Turkey in the 1930s
Jasmina Besirevic, Sociology, Yale University
Stories of Bosnian Muslim Survivors from Banja Luka

April 19 

Yitzhak Arad, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, author, Ghetto in Flames
Jewish PartisanResistance to the Nazis


A Sawyer Seminar Series funded by
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Inc.
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