Fall 2004 Genocide Studies Seminars



Violence, Conquest, and Genocide in the Modern Era

Thursdays, 1.30-3.20 p.m., 
ISPS conference room, 87 Trumbull St., New Haven

September 30

Rory Rapple, History, Cambridge University, UK 
Justifying Violence in Elizabethan Ireland: the case of Sir Humphrey Gilbert 
Commentator: Dr. Vincent Carey, SUNY Plattsburgh, TBC

October 14

Taylor Owen, Peace Research Institute, Oslo, Norway,
Mapping Threats to Human Security in Cambodia, 1969-2004: Measuring, Visualizing, and Modeling Vunlerability

October 21

Casiano A.W. Hacker-Cordon, Department of Political Science, Reed College
Genocide and Politicide in Guatemala, 1954-1996 

November 4

Louise Barnett, Department of English, Rutgers University
US Army Courts-Martial for Crimes against Civilians in the Conquest of the Philippines, 1898-1902 

November 11

William Seltzer, Fordham University 
Quantifying Genocide 

December 2

Susan Cook, Department of Anthropology, University of Pretoria 
Comparing Genocide in Cambodia and Rwanda