Santebal Microfilms

482 reels of microfilmed records of Khmer Rouge-era Santebal (secret police) files, located by the Cambodian Genocide Program in 1996, and other Khmer Rouge-related records filmed by Yale’s Sterling Memorial Library (SML)

Title: Khmer Rouge top secret Santebal (S-21) archives

Published: Phnom Penh : Yale University Library with the Documentation Center of Cambodia, [1998-

Description: microfilm reels ; 35 mm. + 1 index.

Location: SML, Microform (Non-Circulating)

Call Number: Film B19884

Library has: reel 1-reel 24, (BBK. I collection)
reel 30, (BBK. I collection)
reel 36-reel 39 (BBK. I collection)
reel 58, (BBK. I collection)
reel 60, (BBK. I collection)
reel 62 (BBK. I collection)
reel 91, (BBKh. J collection)
reel 114-reel 115 (BBKh. J collection)
reel 116-reel 117, (D collection)
reel 157-reel 213 (L collection)
reel 214-reel 229, (D collection)
reel 235, (D collection)
reel 281, (D collection)
reel 301-reel 393, (D collection)
reel 395-reel 410 (D collection)
[new ser.] reel 1-reel 39 (K collection)
[new ser.] Reel 40-Reel 72 (R collection-Renakse)

Notes: Title from box label.
“Filmed in cooperation with the Southeast Asia Microforms
Project and the Echols Collection on Southeast Asia,
Cornell University.”
Documents in Khmer; introductory frames and index in
English and some Khmer.

Summary: Collection of documents by the Khmer Rouge and their opponents. TheSantebal collection proper (BBKK and BBKh) comprises biographies of members of the Khmer Rouge organization or prisoners of the KR, many based on confessions obtained under torture. The Santebal collection also includes communications of the KR leadership discovered in 1996, which had been housed in the Ministry of the Interior of the Royal Government of Cambodia. Other collections (D, L, K and R) include: primary and secondary documents relating to the Khmer regime, including the Khmer Rouge prison at Krang Ta Chan, Takeo Province; the Anlong Veng collection of post-KR materials; intelligence documents from the Lon Nol regime relating to military events and KR prisoners of war; biographies of KR cadres and prisoners contained in KR prison guards’ notebooks from Tuol Sleng Prison with information on political, medical, & military training; petitions to the Peoples Republic of Kampuchea to oust the KR from their seat at the United Nations.

Variant and related titles:
Title on container label of some microfilm reels: Khmer
Rouge top secret (S-21) Santebal archives
Title in Khmer on some preliminary frames: Eks¯ar Santip¯al
Samnât (Sa 21) Khmaer Kraham

Contents: Reel 1-71=items 1-452. BBKK (I collection) : Khmer Rouge
biographies – reel 72-115=items 1-407, 01-331, D0047.
BBKh (J collection) : confessions, telegrams, letters,
petitions, lists, etc. – reel 116-156, 214-410=item
331; D0001-<D01117>. D collection : confessions,
telegrams, letters, petitions, lists, etc. – reel
157-213=item 138-L0000001-<item 317-L0000188>. L
collection : the Long Nol’s dossier [i.e., Lon Nol
dossier] – [new ser.], reel 1-39=item K00001-<K00262>.
K collection : [Khmer Rouge notebooks] – [new ser.],
reel 40-72=item R00001-<R0080>. R collection : petitions (Renakse documents).

Subjects (Library of Congress):
Parti communiste du Kampuchea–History–Sources.
Tuol Sleng (Prison : Phnom Penh, Cambodia)–History
Political atrocities–Cambodia–History–Sources.

Also listed under: Parti communiste du Kampuchea.
Yale University. Library.
Documentation Center of Cambodia.
Southeast Asia Microforms Project.
Cornell University. Library. John M. Echols Collection on
Southeast Asia.